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Yes, relationships can be really hard. Sometimes, they need help.
And you’d rather not spend more time and money trying.
You just want someone to tell you what works.

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A solutions-focused relationship course designed to empower you with the exact tools, insights, and strategies to forge deeper connections, resolve conflicts, and create lasting fulfilment in your relationships.

Whether you’re in your first relationship, newly married, or celebrating your 10th year together…

find out how

When the lives of two people come together, merging individuality can spark differences and challenges beyond our understanding. In relationships, we carry our own selves and unintentionally bring along ingrained behaviours that have become habitual and unconscious. Before you know it, a familiar pattern emerges — you become critical, disappointed, angry, and defensive in your relationship.

If your relationship has more negativity than happiness and you are ready to use a step-by-step solution that will tell you what to do, and transform how you navigate forward… 

You’ve come to the right place.

Get ready to stop surviving life and start living it!

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Finally understand your unique past.

Learn to be mindful and present in your life.
Create the future you deserve.
  • Making your partner the enemy.
  • Lashing out more often and finding it impossible to control anger.
  • Becoming insecure.
  • Experiencing a lack of sexual desire and emotions.
  • Struggling with intimacy.
  • Living with a lack of happiness or connection.
  • Wrestling with ongoing conflicts and disagreements.
  • Experiencing emotional exhaustion, leaving one or both partners feeling sad, lost, or stuck.
  • Feeling as if there is a wedge or wall between you and your relationship.

And the cycle you are most familiar with flirts with several of these challenges:
  • You may have tried therapy on your own to try to ‘fix’ yourself.
  • Couples therapy with your partner but that made things more shaky.
  • Reading books on relationships that are confusing.
  • Listening to podcasts for inspiration and advice.
  • And, more.

However, if we retreat into our defences for too long, these can become entrenched habits that will get in the way of us experiencing true intimacy and love. If we keep on doing what we've always done, we'll keep on getting what we've always got.

It's natural to find relationships daunting and overwhelming, confusing and frustrating.

I get it. You tried all.the.things!

Yet, those old behaviours are lingering and are not getting you what you want.
Until now…


10 New Behaviours To Relationship Success

A revolutionary new solution-focused relationship course designed to empower you with the exact tools, insights, and strategies to forge deeper connections, resolve conflicts, and create lasting fulfilment in your relationships.

You no longer have to wonder what to do.
You’ll be able to cultivate the relationship you love and deserve, step-by-step
for less than the cost of a handful of therapy sessions.

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When we begin to develop new behaviours, we create exciting new possibilities that can last a lifetime.

The 10 NEW BEHAVIOURS course is structured so you will get the education you need about relationships, the behaviours that help them thrive, and the behaviours that can destroy them.

I will give you examples and illustrations and guide you every step of the way. After every lesson, you will be able to write down precisely what you need to work on. You’ll be given questionnaires, quizzes and exercises to uncover your less-than-ideal behaviours and beliefs, to develop your awareness and help you let go of anything that is getting in the way of your love story.

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In just under 10 weeks, you’ll be able to uncover:

The old behaviours that are maintaining your relationship pain and giving you more of what you don't want.
New behaviours that will create the relationship of your dreams and how to implement them in your life immediately.
You and your partner's attachment styles and how to heal your attachment trauma so you can love in more secure ways.
The behaviours that block growth and intimacy (some might surprise you!) and how to be a trauma-informed partner.

How to deal with overwhelming feelings constructively and build emotional maturity and resilience.

How to communicate in more effective ways that eliminate misunderstandings and get you what you want.
The foolproof Five Step Guide to having difficult conversations without turning into arguments.
Exactly where to focus your efforts for your unique relationship issues so you can be more satisfied and happy once and for all.

This combined with working with individuals, couples and people in relationships in search of what love means and how to practically go about achieving it, has clarified for me just how much we all need tools and teachings when it comes to matters of the heart.
As a psychotherapist with over 20 years experience, working with clients both single and in relationships, three questions I constantly get asked are:

  1. It’s all very well talking about my relationship blocks, but what do I do about them?
  2. How do I make positive changes in my life and relationships every day?
  3. I don’t want to keep making the same mistakes, how can I make changes that will stick?

I know relationships are precious, and our time is precious too, so this course is about saving you a lot of time, effort and suffering, and being really strategic and focused on where you place your efforts when you’re trying to work on your partnerships.

I was fortunate enough to meet my husband over 17 years ago, and we have packed a lot of life in since then. Along with two kids and a dog, we’ve had our fair share of tough moments: financial challenges, bereavement, family issues, marital disagreement and traumatic life events, that taught me just as much as my two decades long career has.

Forget lengthy and pricey therapy sessions.
I believe that love is an action. So developing loving behaviours in our relationships is key to creating warm, happy, sexy partnerships.

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10 Relationship Lessons (Plus 1 Bonus lesson). Do these lessons chronologically over the course of 10 weeks, a week, or even a weekend, the choice is yours. Regardless of how you wish work through them, these 10 lessons outline 10 new behaviours that are designed to transform your relationships, massively up your relationship game, and move on from the sabotaging habits that are getting in your way.

Here's What You'll Get


How the course is structured

  • A video teaching from me.
  • Tools and skills on how to begin implementing the new behaviour immediately.
  • How-to guides and cheat sheets.
  • Exercises and quizzes.
  • Goal setting and progress tracking.
  • Live Q&A and support via discussion board.
Each Behaviour Lesson Includes:

Made exclusively for anyone who wants to up their relationship game and move from sabotaging habits and fear to love and understanding.

Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Lesson 3

Have A Vision For Your Relationship

Manage Your Emotions

Identify Your Familiar Stories And Triggers Earlier

This is a really important place to start, because having a vision for our relationships is paramount to personal growth and fulfilment. It's about understanding the kind of connection we aspire to have, the qualities we seek in a partner, and the values that will guide our interactions.
We’re all guilty of letting our emotions control us, and often, when we’re at the mercy of what we’re feeling (even though what we feel matters and is valid) we behave in ways that are not constructive, adult or in keeping with who we want to be and how we want to behave.

Developing our self-awareness and making the powerful unconscious influences within us more conscious. These are a huge factor in relationships and can distort our reality very quickly. If there was one thing I’d want you to know, it’s this: what you think and feel within your relationship is about so much more than just your relationship.  

Lesson 4

Know Your Attachment Style

Attachment theory explores how our early relationships with family and caregivers, plus our previous relationships, influence our emotional bonds and behaviours in adult relationships. Our aim in this lesson is to address the behaviours that maintain our insecure attachments (old behaviour) and work towards more secure ways of relating (new behaviour).

Lesson 5

Be Assertive In Your Relationship

This is a transformative behaviour change for our relationships. Because the thing that damages our relationships most is the way in which we communicate with our loved ones. Our approach to conflict, our way of expressing ourselves, the way we talk to our partners, and what we might say when dysregulated, is what can make or break a relationship.

Lesson 6

Nurture Trust Every Day

Having a lack of trust in ourselves and others is a form of agony. Which is why I believe it's so important to be proactively working on our issues around trust. Trust is at the foundation of romantic partnerships, serving as the starting point for many aspects of a relationship. It provides the emotional safety necessary for individuals to be authentic and vulnerable, fostering open and honest communication.

Lesson 7

Learn To Negotiate - Relationship Style

Love and kindness isn’t enough in our relationships – there are lots of challenges we will face, there are lots of compromises that need to be made, and often sacrifice too. To keep this healthy we need to develop very good negotiation skills. Negotiation skills play a pivotal role in our romantic relationships, contributing to the effective management of differences and decision-making. 

Lesson 8

Behave Lovingly - Keep Love As Your Goal

Being loving is the conscious and intentional practice of demonstrating care, compassion, and affection towards others. It encompasses a spectrum of behaviours, from expressing genuine kindness and empathy to actively supporting and uplifting those around you. Beyond mere words, being loving involves tangible actions that nurture emotional connections and foster a positive environment. 

Lesson 9

Develop Effective Conflict Resolution

Difficult conversations are an inevitable and, paradoxically, essential aspect of relationships. There are so many opportunities for disconnect that come with sharing a life together, that can make our ways of communicating less-than-ideal. As individuals with unique needs, desires, and perspectives come together, differences naturally emerge, leading to discussions that may be challenging. 

Lesson 10

Have Date Nights And Relationship Meetings

Connection is the lifeblood of a thriving relationship, increasing emotional intimacy and understanding between partners. It goes beyond the superficial, into the realms of shared experiences, open communication and genuine vulnerability. Date nights are not luxuries but essential investments in maintaining and nurturing that vital connection. In conjunction with date nights, regular relationship meetings offer a structured space for intentional communication and collaborative growth. 

Bonus Lesson

Make Allowances For Differences

Let’s be honest, navigating the challenges of a relationship, especially when it comes to managing and accepting differences, is a real, day-to-day challenge. Embracing the contrasting opinions, behaviours and beliefs that each person brings to the table can be extremely tough. It requires a willingness to understand where the other person is coming from, even when their perspective feels like a foreign language.

Lesson Outlines

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The 5 Behaviours That Sabotage Relationships

Why Your Relationship Is Struggling And What To Do About It

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Understanding Emotionally Unavailable Relationship Patterns

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How To Get Your Power Back In Relationships

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How To Reparent Yourself -
Part I

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How Do I Know If My Relationship Is Viable?

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The Mistakes We Make When We Argue

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How To Self-Soothe

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5 Phrases To Use To Help You In Your Relationship

Why Your Relationship Is Struggling And What To Do About It

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Being Triggered By Our Partner's Moods

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How To Be Less Avoidantly Attached

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How To Be Less Anxiously Attached

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How To Be Less Fearful Avoidantly Attached

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How To Work On Your Trust Issues

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How To Reduce The Drama

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10 New Behaviours To Relationship Success 

The course is perfect for you if…

The course is not for you if…

You’re single and want to develop your relationship skills for next time.

You are anxiously attached, avoidantly attached, or a bit of both.

You’re in a relationship and struggling.

You’re in a good relationship, but want to make it even better.

You find it difficult to follow a course and invest just a bit of time.

You are resistant to change.

You are only interested in the blame game and feel you are never the problem.

“Amazing lectures and videos! I love your clarity and experience in relationship dynamics.”

“Finally I can understand what is going on with me, thank you Charisse.”

Yes, It Really Works

“This course is so informative and finding it felt like perfect timing for me, thank you so much.”

“All of your teachings elaborate so well on the topic that I hardly ever have questions. I wish I had found this course sooner.
Thank you!”

"Wow!! Such an informative, insightful and valuable course. Thank you for this. It’s had a huge impact on me in my current life and really has opened my eyes and heart to what’s important."

"Very informative, I have learnt so much! And here I thought they were the problem all along. Turns out I was creating the very behaviour I wanted them to change."

In under 10 weeks, uncover more joy, love, and understanding about yourself and your relationship style. 

These new behaviours will require courage and commitment, but they will bring huge rewards: A deep sense of doing right by yourself and your loved ones, behaving with self-esteem, and learning to have sincere, secure, sacred, and special bonds with those that matter most.
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Are you ready to stop surviving life and start living it?

  • 10 Relationship video lessons.
  • 1 Bonus Lesson.
  • Tools and skills on how to begin implementing the new behaviour immediately.
  • How-to guides and cheat sheets.
  • Exercises and quizzes.
  • Goal setting and progress tracking.
  • Live Q&A and support via discussion board.

Your investment includes:

10 New Behaviours To Relationship Success

 Choose your pricing option

10 New Behaviours
Once-Off Payment

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10 New Behaviours
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Learn The 10 New Behaviours
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This course is packed full of value. Anyone seeing me in my private practice would receive this level of work over a year period and is worth thousands of dollars.

Affordable payment plans are available for your convenience from as little as $42.

10 New Behaviours Course


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