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Step-by-step online teaching videos outlining exactly what to do to improve your relationship. How-to articles tackling the biggest problems modern relationships face. And an Agony Aunt section where I answer your specific questions. All the advice, insights, tools and strategies from my therapy office straight to you, right here under one roof.

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Want to overcome the patterns of relating
and behaving that are keeping you stuck? 

discover what is sabotaging you and your relationships

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discover what is sabotaging you and your relationships

Want to overcome the patterns of relating and behaving that are keeping you stuck?


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A solutions-focused relationship course designed to empower you with the exact tools, insights, and strategies to forge deeper connections, resolve conflicts, and create lasting fulfilment in your relationships.


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Ten New Behaviours to start incorporating in your life so you can focus on the solutions to your relationship issues, rather than swimming in all the problems. New behaviours push us out of our insecurities and past traumas, into a hopeful, optimistic, self-assured and empowered future.

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Free monthly emails containing specific teachings that take you through therapy, right from Session One. Explore the origins of your struggles, raise your awareness, understand your patterns, and identify the behaviours that you need to work on.

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“Underneath all the worrying and anxiety
is a need to be held and soothed and loved.”


I'm Charisse, your online therapist.

I’ve been a therapist for over 20 years and in a relationship for over 15, and I know very well the traps we inevitably fall into. I’ve consolidated all my experience and every single tool and strategy that’s helped my clients overcome what was keeping them stuck, and put it ALL into these online teachings. I want to take away your confusion and show you just how much power you really have in relationships.

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Why Do We Choose Unavailable People?

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Why Your Relationship Is Struggling And What To Do About It

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Learn how to break your relationship patterns with my Relationship History Workbook. It's the exact same Relationship History I do with my clients in my private practice. Plus it's free :)

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The Attachment Solution

Learn how to develop secure, strong and lasting relationships with my new book. Available at newsstands, book stores and online retailers around the world.