1. The Reasons for most relationship difficulties and what to do about it.
2. Various aspects of codependent recovery.
3. Noticing and controlling the reactivity of trauma responses.
4. Learning to set boundaries and practice self-care.
5. Unhealthy family roles (The Hero).

What We Covered This Week:

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Week 5 Round Up

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The importance of understanding and recognising the role of trauma in our lives - When we are reactive we are engaging in a mini trauma response.

The need to develop self-care strategies and boundaries - To help us with our perfectionism, unhealthy family roles, the trauma response and our co-dependency/anxious & avoidant attachment issues.

Further discussion on the idea of boundaries - How they will help us manage our mood and overall health.

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Here's What To Do Next!

Click here to learn how to identify and work on Codependency issues.



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Click here to learn how to set Boundaries and practice Self-Care.


Click here to establish if you have an Unhealthy Family Role.


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