1. A closer look at my Relationship History PDF Download.
2. Our family history imprints on us and forms our first relationship patterns.
3. Each new relationship adds to our pattern imprinting.
4. Without proper awareness we will keep attracting and being attracted to what is more familiar to us. 

What We Covered This Week:

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Week 13 Round Up

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In this Round Up I discuss what to do after filling in the Relationship History Questionnaire.

The questionnaire helps to empower us with self-awareness and insight into our relationships, what’s gone on, how its impacted us and how it is still playing itself out in our lives in so many ways.

You analyse your parent’s relationship – their relationship with you and their relationship with each other. Both of these become imprinted: what you get accustomed to receiving & and what someone who loves you behaves like.

You then analyse each of your romantic relationships and what went on in those which further programmed you. We consider what was familiar from your childhood that you can see in these relationships. Sometimes there are literal similarities, other times it’s similar feelings and themes to when you were young.

Increasing our awareness helps us recognise these patterns and also become aware of what behaviour we do that recreates what’s familiar for us.

Noticing what is part of our pattern that we don’t wish to repeat is what this exercise aims to do. This allows us to make healthier choices for ourselves and know what behaviours of ours we can work on, adapt and change in order to meet our needs better in the future.

It’s inevitable we will be attracted to and attract people who will trigger us and fulfil our patterns.

The challenge ahead for couples is to choose people who are open to communication and growth. If this is possible, the relationship can then be HEALING. As a couple you can work on:

- If you are mistrusting, you and your partner can build trust.
- If you feel abandoned, you can let someone in and that person can prove to be available.
- If you feel you have no voice, your partner can know that & encourage you to speak up and really hear you when you do.
- And so on…

This makes ALL the difference. This breaks patterns.

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