1. The benefits of using meditation to relax and be more mindful.
2. How to implement positive and powerful change in your life.
3. Understanding our partner's perspective during difficult exchanges.
4. Why nurturing our empathy for others is beneficial to us.

What We Covered This Week:

Week 9 Round Up

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In this Round Up I challenge you to respond with love instead of reacting with anger.

One of the biggest tools we have is to learn to slow down. Emotional regulation, self-soothing – these help us physiologically manage our overactive brains and nervous systems. The guided meditation I supplied this week is one way to take time out and help the body learn to slow down. This means taking time away from screens (which is how most of us think we relax – by watching YouTube, movies, boxsets etc. But this actually activates our systems further and we never fully switch off).

*Now that we are empowered with a lot of information and understanding about ourselves, our behaviour and our relating style, we need to take responsibility for growing in those areas so we can create the change we want in our lives.

*Don’t listen to what people are saying, listen to what they are communicating *beneath* their words and behaviour. Often it’s “Can I trust you with my heart?” or “Am I ever going to be enough for you?”. These are real deep fears and we have the beautiful opportunity to meet our partners in this fearful place with kindness and reassurance. When we understand this, we can respond to our partners with love & empathy. And they are far more likely to respond to us in that way too if we do.

*However when we’re triggered our empathy disappears. That is why self-awareness, understanding, insight and then tools to emotionally regulate are so important. So we can be more composed in our relationships. We can have maturity in how we handle things. We can choose to love rather than defend.

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Here's What To Do Next!

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