1. Tools and strategies to help us be more aware.
2. How to recognise our own patterns and the automated roles that we play.
3. The importance of being more reflective of the events in our lives.
4. How to be less reactive through emotional regulation.

Being accountable - For ourselves means being very aware of what we are choosing, and when we do choose something, do so wholeheartedly.

Building resilience - Is often down to managing our emotions and having appropriate boundaries so we are looking after ourselves and having our own back more.

What We Covered This Week:

We are making choices all the time, but some don't feel like choices. If things are happening in our lives that we don't like, we need to look at our part in things and the choices we are making, and take responsibility for those.

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Week 7 Round Up

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Tools tools tools - This week I started sharing what we can do to feel more secure in our relationships, have boundaries and look ahead and create the life we want.

In today's Round Up - I explain the posting for the last few days and consolidate my aims for the teachings.

In life we are reactive - We are in survival response and often relating in unhelpful ways. This is where emotional regulation comes in to help us calm our minds and behaviour, so we are able to communicate with control and intention & are therefore more able to get what we want.

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Here's What To Do Next!

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