1. Understanding dysfunctional family roles.
2. The Enabler: Patterns for over responsibility for others and under responsibility for self.
3. The Hero: The need to portray success to the world can be very restricting.
4. The Mascot: Negating parts of self by being an escapist in nature and making self small.

What We Covered This Week:

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Week 6 Round Up

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The importance of understanding and recognising any unhealthy family roles in our lives. Therapists like exploring these as it offers explanations for a lot of why we do what we do and the expectations we have of ourselves and others have of us – both healthy and unhealthy.

A lot of the themes that exist in families are around responsibility, perfectionism, maintaining the family image, manners, appearances, and projecting normality and success.

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“Wow. Even when you know this stuff in theory, to hear it so succinctly put, is really a useful perspective on myself and my family.”

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