1. The Tenets of self-care.
2. Unhealth family roles (The Enabler).
3. How to be your own best friend.
4. Learning to develop healthy boundaries.
5. Further exploration on adult attachment styles and patterns.

What We Covered This Week:

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Week 4 Round Up

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What are boundaries? It's how we lovingly protect ourselves in life. How can you practice good boundaries as an avoidantly attached person? How can we practice good boundaries as an anxiously attached person? I also explore perfectionism and how boundaryless that pursuit is.

This develops the idea of self-care - and also addresses our extreme behaviour and how to be more balanced and appropriate. This is important because it helps us manage feelings of depression, anxiety and overwhelm. Indeed one significant function of boundaries is to reduce overwhelm and to stay mentally & emotionally healthy.

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Here's What To Do Next!

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“Doing internal work is never easy, but your teachings are never in vain. I have never been so awakened to the importance of having my own back in a safe and healthy way. You're a gift to my healing journey”

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