1. How to be more secure in our relationships.
2. Learning to break our patterns through self analysis.
3. Discovering new ways of looking at the world.
4. We are unconsciously recreating the things we are most frightened of.

What We Covered This Week:

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Week 11 Round Up

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In this Round Up I elaborate on how to look for our patterns in life.

Humans are very complicated psychologically. New insights are always coming up to help us grow.

My teaching on How To Break Your Patterns helps us understand our lives and it can help us put some puzzle pieces together. Analysing our own histories and patterns is crucial to self-development and growth. And this can be in our romantic, work and platonic relationships.

When we’re growing up, our family is the world and everything we learn within and from our family is what we imprint about how the world operates, what we need to be and what we can expect. Once we’ve grown up we then relate to the world from that place and will unconsciously recreate what we know/were taught.

Our childhood and our past relationships are the origin of our patterns. We can observe ourselves and our behaviour and see what was imprinted in us.

We are animals and we are innately primed to look for danger at all times in life, as our primitive selves did. A key question to ask ourselves is: What am I frightened of? This will reveal a lot about our behaviour but also the drives that are at play in our lives that dictate a lot of our thinking and behaving. Again, these are part of our patterns.

Other key questions to ask ourselves when wrestling with this are: How is this familiar to me? Do I recognise this from previous relationships? Is this a pattern?

Realising our patterns is so liberating as it can help us make conscious choices about what we want, rather than simply unconsciously recreating what we know and not realising it.

Be sure to watch my Teaching Video on this, where I really drill down into Why We Are Attracted to Certain People.

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