4-7-8 breathing is a fantastic tool for people with anxiety and any kind of sleep disturbance. It is so powerful doctors call it a ‘natural tranquiliser’.

Perfect to use during a disagreement, a presentation at work or to calm the system to help us get to sleep.

How to do it:

- Breathe in for the count of 4
- Hold breath for the count of 7
- Exhale for the count of 8

- Repeat 4 times, twice a day.

Some experts recommend to inhale and exhale through the mouth, making a whooshing sound each time. But we can also breathe through the nose and it is still very effective. Useful when in the middle of an argument or work meetings and we want to be discreet.

This exercise will help us calm down, stay in control; keeping both sides of the brain online so we can engage, interact and communicate the way we would like.

I highly recommend giving this a try. It’s a great tool we can use *anywhere*.

Best Breathing Exercise For Anxiety

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