1. Strategies for managing and recovering from anxiety, depression and stress.
2. How to identify and work on codependency issues.
3. Adult Child characteristics and traits.
4. The problems with perfectionism.
5. Intro to anxious and avoidant adult attachment 'dance'.

Adult attachment theory – I discuss the anxious/avoidant (also known as the pursuer/distancer) dance, whereby the anxiously attached person desires closeness in the relationship and keeps stepping into the relationship, while the avoidantly attached person struggles with closeness so keeps stepping away. As this goes on, the person with anxious attachment gets fed up and steps away, which is when the person with an avoidant attachment style will then step in/towards.

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What We Covered This Week:

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Week 3 Round Up

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Dealing with anxiety and depression - Not only involves looking at symptoms and symptom management, but also awareness of codependency issues, perfectionism and unhealthy relationship behaviours that will contribute to and exacerbate anxious and depressive tendency. This is the purpose of therapy – to examine what is perpetuating our low mood and the high price we pay when we are behaving in ways that sabotage ourselves and what we want.

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“Oh dear I think this is what’s happening! I’m anxiously attached. Thank you for explaining it. I can see it starting to happen.”

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